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Jack the Ripper
It started in the years of Jack the Ripper, and his little exploits of murder. Though, I suppose it wasn't always like that, before the killings, I mean. He was different, though I have no idea how it all began, not with him.
But, I do know how it began with me.
I was a child, barely past the age of ten, when he came. A man wearing a black cloak, he moved into our small village just outside of London. My mother was suspicious, just like many of the villagers, for we were not used to strangers coming and staying.
Coming and going, yes, but actually staying to live?
No, that was very uncommon, but it doesn't mean it hasn't happened in the past.
I hadn't understood why the adults were so worried though, what I saw was a man who wished to get get away from a large city full of people. But still, I was warned not to go near him. But would you expect a young boy who was so full of life and curious about everything to stay away?
No, I didn't think so. For I knew the village was safe and if an
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Helping Hand :iconfurstderfinste:FurstDerFinste 3 1 Octavian Angel :iconfurstderfinste:FurstDerFinste 3 0
Poem's of the Iliad
Blood of the innocent,
That is how war shall sing.
Flames lick at the skies of Troy,
Growing hungry for more.
The Achean's rejoice in the blood,
Of woman and children.
Blades like fangs,
Sinking into vulnerable flesh,
To let scarlet path the streets,
Of Ilium.
War angers,
Destiny plays its game.
Achilles rage never quenched,
Always lusting for more.
Zeus' indecision becomes tiring.
He must choose,
Achilles or Hector,
For the war to continue.
Achilles strong like the Gods,
Win's Zeus' favor.
So says the Fates.
His destiny locked in place.
Death and glory are his reward.
Ecstasy of mind
To warriors shedding of blood
War tastes of innocence
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What Does War Taste Like?
What does War taste like?
The gears in my head start to turn.
War is bittersweet.
Tasting of death and decay, it is the rot of her bowels and intestines.
The feel of her blood on my lips, I relished that feeling.
It clings to me like a lover at night.
War, she is a beautiful thing.
And yet ugly in her grave.
The aftertaste is something I do not want.
For there is greed, hate, and malice.
Sometimes though, when I think back on this, I can taste the freedom of her.
But I can also taste the innocence of the people she has killed.
Nothing is worth that.
:iconfurstderfinste:FurstDerFinste 1 3
Wings Of Illium
His mind destroyed, cracked
Wings broken, torn. Freedom Taken
Body useless, gone
Innocence, never
Forgotten like him, goodbye
Wings of Illium
:iconfurstderfinste:FurstDerFinste 2 1
Angel's wings, Flying
Free of chains, always flying
Feathers fall blameless
:iconfurstderfinste:FurstDerFinste 1 3
Haiku about the Iliad
Zeus' indifference, always switching sides
Achilles' hubris, hand in hand with Death
Hector's demise, end of war
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Oaxaca Dragon :iconfurstderfinste:FurstDerFinste 0 1


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